Here you will find a specially curated selection of the finest blog post that Scattermom 1.0 had to offer (all the blog post because there weren’t that many and I forgot the password to my other blog). As the kids say “How it started….How its going.” SPOILER ALERT! It’s going the same.

Princess Life by Ashley Boyden

I just slapped him. Well lets get more into my life. I just got a crown it was 14ct with lots of dimons. It shines like the sun. I have a big screen TV I like to watch ER.


“You don’t have to be great at everything now. We all have seasons, and you are just in a season of your life where things are hard.”

Ice cream? Mental breakdown? Who knows?

It is now 2:41 am and I am having one of those nights where insomnia and anxiety decide they were more important than sleep. Then it hit me. So here I am, phone in hand jotting down my thoughts while everyone sleeps peacefully.

New year, same ole me.

Its just me, my muffin, some hot coffee, and a handful of old retired people who probably do this on a regular basis


I stood there in shock. No one has ever taught me what to do in this situation. I am 2.5 years deep into motherhood and this has never happened to me. So naturally, I yelled for Nick, thinking maybe he had some ideas (or maybe he would just make it disappear?).

Let’s set the stage.

Moral of the story folks is your story is never over. And if your story isn’t some grand fairytale, it doesn’t mean it isn’t great for you. I fell in love when I was 29, got pregnant with my first child at 28, and started my career at 31. I have finally realized that doesn’t make me less, I just had more to overcome…