Hi! So today I am writing to you, get this, from a Panera Bread! In Winter Park. All by myself, because as I have mentioned before my husband is a saint. Its just me, my muffin, some hot coffee, and a handful of old retired people who probably do this on a regular basis.

Panera Bread was not my first choice however. Since I was in Winter Park (having to wait for my mom to complete her knee surgery) I was going to go to one of those really cool, hipster coffee houses you see all over Instagram. “When in Rome..” they say. I pulled into the parking lot of Foxtail Coffee and saw the swarms of 20-somethings walking in, wearing their plaid button up shirts, cool dark rimmed glasses and I was like…”nope”. My black leggings, Mama Bear hoodie, messy bun, are much more suited for Panera Bread. So here we are.


Remember, Blanket? Michael Jackson’s son that he every so carefully dangled over the balcony? Well, when I saw this picture my husband took I was shook. I was sure the tabloids were going to catch hold of this and my son would be named “Chair” and that we would forever be seen as terrible parents. [Brace yourselves]


What the actual hell Chair!? This kid is climbing….everything! Can he walk on his own yet? Nope. Could he probably climb Mt. Everest? I would bet my life savings that he could! (That’s not really a lot but for the sake of this imagery let’s pretend).

He has also refined the art of really getting under his sister’s skin. She will lay down, all nice and quiet to watch a movie, and then BAM! baby Leo in her face! and then BAM! Lily turns to her human instinct….fight. My husband and I just stare at the chaos he is wreaking and have NO. IDEA. WHAT. TO. DO.

We can’t really give a one-year-old consequence but then we feel like we can’t keep putting her in time-out for reacting. While yes, we get the reaction isn’t great but she is also learning how to handle her emotions.

So that is how life with two toddlers is going. For anyone who says it gets better…just, don’t. Unless you want to hear the sweetest little boy say “mommy” 100 times a day [which will never get old…hopefully].


My sweet, sweet, Princess. I never thought I would see the day where she was our well-behaved child.

We have started working on some Pre-school level activities with her lately and my god is she so much smarter than I even thought. This kid literally wakes up every morning with a new set of conversational skills.

My favorite is the real sass she is developing. She will walk around that house tooting up a storm, but god forbid someone in the house burps. She will whip her head, look at you like you are the most disgusting person in this world, and say “Excuuuuusssseeeee Yoouu! You’re welcome.”

( I swear that was a fake burp sound)

It’s not all manners these days. We are still fluent in “oh, shit” and use it with such flawless execution. If I weren’t so terrified of her going out in public and blurting it out, I would almost be proud.


My dear husband. I figured it’s about time he was added to this narrative. After all, he is my partner in crime, my other half….my third child.

He really is a superstar though. Again, today would not be possible without him. I am sitting in a Panera, all alone, enjoying some quiet, and getting to do WHATEVER I want.

He has always been such a good dad, but he is starting to get to an irritatingly SUPERB level. He is working on “father of the year”, Baby Shark dance pro, Trolls super fan. Me on the other hand I am just trying to get my hair and teeth brushed every day. It’s like he has learned to really read me and the kids, and knows the exact time to take them into the other room. No amount of stress, or being overwhelmed can help me from laughing and melting when I hear him in the other room singing with Lily and Leo.

10/10 would recommend (but I am going to hang on to him).

Let’s end this…

Alright, so if you haven’t noticed, I spent the better part of the week “rebranding” as the hipsters at those coffee shops would say, but again, I am a Panera Bread gal, so I will just say I spent too much time figuring out how to make a new logo and Facebook page for my blog.

I would love to get this out to as many people as possible, but am trying to learn the art of shamelessly promoting myself. (So you know, share this, subscribe, all that good stuff 😀 ).

Who knows, maybe I will put this all into a book one day. (but if you have learned anything from my blog so far you will know that I will just put that off)