Hi, Y’all! Thought I was done?….Nah. I just have ADHD and that’s what I do. I get really into something and then stop because I work it up in my head, and that makes me tired, and then it’s just not fun anymore…but NOT TODAY TIME SATAN!

Speaking of Santa…what the hell just happened? Was that Christmas? Is that what the holidays are really like? The pharmacy of pills I have to take every day couldn’t even calm the anxiety. But you know what? That’s how I knew I did it right! That’s how I knew I created magic for everyone around me like my mother did when I was a kid, and her mother before. It’s hard work making Christmas magical. I used to be terrified of elves when I was a child but what I wouldn’t give for a good tribe of elves (what is a group of elves called? It should have a cool name.) There was one causality from Christmas though, and that was…

MY HOUSE!!!!!!! I still haven’t recovered. but let’s not act like it was great before Christmas either. I just need a scapegoat and well… ‘tis the season, so.

We all know what we are really here for, Lily and Leo stories. So, I won’t keep the masses waiting (and I have PLENTY).


Lily has become a little parrot. She repeats everything I say and do. Let me repeat (why did I have such a hard time spelling “repeat”?) that…EVERYTHING I SAY AND DO! Now, you may think “awww that’s cute”. And it totally is when she calls her brother “big boy” or goes up to him when he is crying and says “You’re okay”.

But do you guys really think I watch censor myself at home? I should, yes. But it is so hard. I have already come to the realization that Lily can just never go to school. She might drop her book and yell “Oh, shit!” or hear some music playing and start dropping it low. This little girl will not repeat the word “please” but god forbid she do anything remotely stressful she just rips out “Oh, shit” like a trained professional.

The worst part is…I can’t NOT laugh. So she thinks it’s hilarious and does it more. I’ve ruined her. She was a blank template and I ruined her. I mean, sure, is saying shit going to ruin her life…probably not, but I want her to go out in public and have people think I am at least be a decent role model. I am slightly proud though because she always nails it. She uses that phrase at the right time and in the right situations. Come at me Instagram moms…I am trying!


(I am pretty sure since the last time I have posted he has turned one. He DID turn one, I just am not 100% sure when I posted last.)

Oh, Leo. This boy is so sweet and loves mommy so much. Like ALOT. he will definitely be made fun of in school for being a mommy’s boy. Should I not encourage this? Probably? But do I? OH. MY. GOD. YES! This little boy will barrel through any barrier just to get to me. He will pull his sister off my lap. I just have to say the word “kiss” within earshot of him and he goes for my lips.

He’s teething though. Or at least we keep using that excuse for his behavior because he is Leo, he is a good boy. he has been in an awful mood for about a month now and we are finally just now starting to see the teeth come through.


Yeah, here’s a curveball. Never brought up Simba before. Simba is the anti-christ in kitten form. I was desperate for something cute and cuddly because my baby was growing up so fast. Plus, I figured a new cat would calm Mr. Mancatthan down a bit (which it totally did).

That show, “It’s me or the Cat” or something like that, I always thought…” what a dumb show”. But that’s because I had never met Simba. The cat who chews up all of Leo’s binkies (that he is still VERY much attached to), and chews the nipples of bottles. That alone would be enough to drive a person crazy, but no. He doesn’t stop there. He gets away with it though. He’s cute. So, just like the kids…we take it.